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Services offered by MGM Construction S.A.L.

Piling & Shoring Services Division

MGM Construction, sal. Piling & Shoring Services Division offers a wide range of services including:

Foundation Piles: Economic Design-Build Shoring Systems:
  •  Pipe Piling
  •  H-Piling
  •  Wood Piling
  •  Rock and Soil Anchor
  •  Steel or Plastic Sheet Piling 
  •  Beam & Lagging Systems
  •  Tiebacks Consisting of Helical  and/or Grouted Components
Shoring Piles, beam piles

We are experienced in Piling and Shoring in hazardous materials applications, and in limited access and headroom conditions.

Shotcrete, anchors, & nails

Anchors, nails and minipiles can provide temporary or permanent solutions for a wide range of stability or support problems and are often used to underpin or stabilise buildings, slopes and embankments.

Ground Improvement

Ground improvement techniques are used to prepare the ground for new construction projects and to reduce the risk of liquefaction in areas of seismic activity.

Specialty Grouting

Specialty grouting strengthens target areas in the ground and controls ground water flow through rocks and soils by reducing their permeability.


  • - Soilcrete - Jet Grouting
  • - Soifrac - Compensation Grouting
  • - Compaction Grouting
  • - Permeation grouting
  • - Cavity Grouting
Site Investigation

It is our strength to carry out large soil investigation programmes for infrastructure projects, industrial plants, dams as well as offshore projects like harbours and windmill farms.

Equipment & Services

MGM's main activities are the development of machines & equipment based on special MGM Construction Know How as well as the equipment-based technical support for all MGM Construction branches. Furthermore, KGS carries out repairs, maintenance and service of the MGM Construction equipment world-wide.

Acknowledged industry experts in ground behaviour.

Our engineers and project managers worldwide share knowledge internally through company forums and networks and regularly collaborate to find the best solutions. Externally, they work closely with architects, engineers, construction managers and contractors from project conception to conclusion.

Combining processes to produce cost-effective solutions.

The range of technologies at our disposal enables us to match the process to the engineering task in hand. The best and most cost-effective solution from an engineering and construction viewpoint often involves a variety of techniques to reflect differing ground conditions, or to support a range of structures, on a single site.

Our culture helps us to attract and retain the best people

To be employed by MGM Construction means to be part of a strong, experienced and innovative team. Our engineers always strive to find the best technical and most economical solutions for our customers. Every team member can rely on, and benefit from, the broad knowledge and deep experience of the whole team.